Our paediatric urology service at Evelina London Children’s Hospital provides specialist care for children with kidney, bladder and genitalia problems.


A multidisciplinary approach to care

Our team of urology specialists work together to ensure that your child is given a thorough and comprehensive assessment of their bladder function.

We provide paediatric urodynamic investigations using video urodynamics (VUD) and visceral fat area (VFA) investigations, which look at how a child’s bladder is working.

Gastroenterology specialists also form part of the team, supporting children with bladder and bowel problems when they occur together. They are on hand to help bedwetting, faecal incontinence and stool withholding.

Our team can also help with genital abnormalities in children that may cause urinary tract problems in addition to pre and post-kidney transplant management.

Mum laughing with her son

Advancing children’s urology care

Backed by state-of-the-art facilities and a calm, comforting environment, we deliver the very highest levels of clinical excellence, quality and care. We treat children from prenatal scanning all the way until they move to adult care.

In addition, we are actively involved in clinical trials and research projects to improve urology treatment. This includes regenerative medicine to develop tissue engineered bladders for children who need complex bladder reconstruction.

Discover our children's urology specialists

Our urology service provides specialist care for children with kidney, bladder and genitalia problems from all over the UK and internationally