Our team at Evelina London Children’s Hospital are experts in the treatment of babies and children with bleeding and thrombotic disorders, as well as general blood disorders.

We offer diagnosis supported by specialist clinical and laboratory expertise. It is this expertise that gives private patients the best possible standard of care.

Experts in children's haemophilia

Our children’s haemophilia centre at Evelina London provides care for children with inherited bleeding disorders. It is the hub of the South London Paediatric Haemophilia Network with access to other specialist children’s services.

Our experienced clinical team includes specialist children’s haemophilia nurses, physiotherapists and children’s consultant haematologists. We also have a fully accredited specialist molecular genetics laboratory for haemostatic disorders.

As Evelina London is in the same location as St Thomas’ Hospital, we can support patients with inherited bleeding disorders from the womb through birth, childhood and into adulthood.

Dad cuddling with baby son

Children’s thrombotic disorders and general haematology

Our haematology team also cares for babies and children with thrombotic conditions jointly with other specialist teams, ensuring that patients receive the right treatment quickly.

Our anticoagulation service supports children with the management of blood clotting conditions. It also provides an advisory service for those under the care of other hospitals.

In addition to inherited bleeding and thrombotic disorders, we can treat a wide range of children’s general blood disorders including:

  • idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
  • neutropenia
  • anaemia

Our children's haematology specialists

Our experienced haematology team treats babies and children with bleeding disorders, thrombotic disorders and general blood disorders.