Our pain management and neuromodulation centre at St Thomas’ Hospital is internationally renowned as a centre of clinical and academic excellence and offers a broad range of interventions and therapies for the treatment of pain.

Experts in pain medicine

Our specialists are prominent in the fields of spinal cord stimulation and other neuromodulation techniques (treatments that target the function of nerves).

We treat conditions including:

  • back pain
  • chronic headache
  • facial pain
  • pelvic pain

With our combined expertise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy at St Thomas’ Hospital, we can provide a joined up approach to care.

Care led by research

Our pain specialists have a strong focus on innovation in care and lead the way in research aimed at improving our understanding of chronic pain conditions.

Our clinical research programmes focus on:

  • investigating new innovations
  • advancing current treatments
  • improving the quality of life of patients with chronic pain

Our current research work includes national and international clinical studies in areas such as:

  • neuromodulation
  • endoscopic pain relief interventions
  • novel pain medications
  • pain management strategies

Discover our pain medicine specialists

Our specialists at St Thomas’ Hospital are experts at pain management and neuromodulation techniques