Our specialist phlebotomy service offers a range of antenatal tests, swabs and investigations to support you during your pregnancy. These include non-invasive prenatal testing for genetic conditions as well as fetal screening.

In combination with testing, we also offer comprehensive pregnancy scans for the latest in 3D, 4D and colour imaging scans and fetal medicine.

Maternity packages

When you book to have your baby privately at the Westminster Maternity Suite, your maternity package includes routine pre-admission blood tests and pre-section screening.

Your consultant will advise if additional blood tests or investigations are required as part of your personalised care.

Antenatal investigations price list

We offer a range of blood tests and swabs and during pregnancy that can be purchased separately from treatment packages if required.

Blood testsPrices
Non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT)£500
Fetal RhD£410
Anti-D immunoglobulin£68
Cord group£69
Glucose tolerance (OGTT)£168
Random blood glucose£41
Renal profile£68
Liver profile£68
Coagulation studies£134
Treponema pallidum antibodies£105
Syphilis IgG£53
Toxoplasma IgG and IgM£210
CRP (C-reactive protein)£71
Hepatitis B surface antigen£53
Hepatitis B core antibody£63
Viral load£257
Hepatitis C antibody£63
HIV 1 and 2£53
Sickle cell thalassaemia£105
Thyroid function test (TSH)£63
Thyroid antibody£63

Other investigations

COVID-19 test £71 standard, £131 rapid test
Skin swabs£91
Wound swabs£79
Smear test£154
Urine sample£34
Urine culture£58
Placenta histopathology£561


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