Our paediatric infectious diseases and immunology service at Evelina London Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive care for a wide range of childhood conditions.

We offer expert advice in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of children with viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Our immunology specialist can also help with childhood infections that complicate other areas of healthcare such as surgical infections. This includes investigating whether a child’s pattern of infections are due to an underlying problem with their immune system (immunodeficiency).

We specialise in treating:

  • severe infections, both acute and chronic conditions
  • unusual infections
  • frequent infections
  • tropical infections
  • new or epidemic infections
  • problems with a child’s immune system

Our vaccination service

One important part of infection prevention is vaccination. We offer specialist guidance around childhood vaccination schedules and advice on rare cases of reactions to vaccines.

Our service accesses dedicated microbiology, virology and infection control laboratories at Evelina London to provide the most accurate diagnosis. This helps us develop personalised treatment options.

Child getting vaccinated

Discover our paediatric infectious disease expert

Dr Jonathan Cohen is our consultant in paediatric infectious diseases and immunology