Our children’s sleep centre, located on Slow Leopard Ward at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, provides care for children, infants and babies with a wide variety of sleep problems.

Our service was established in 2000 and is one of the few comprehensive children’s sleep centres in the UK.

With three dedicated bedrooms, we provide a full range of inpatient diagnostic sleep studies, including daytime and overnight sleep studies.

Experts in children's sleep medicine

Good sleep is vital for the growth and development of children.

Our team work with children and families to develop and support good sleep habits. We plan our patient care to lessen the number of times they may need to be woken during the night and promote a restful ward environment to make it easier for children to get to sleep in the evening.

When it is time for a child to leave the ward, our team will help to make sure their sleep routine can be put in place at home.

As part of the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Lifespan Sleep Group, we can also make sure young people move seamlessly to our adult sleep medicine services when they turn 16.

Little boy sleeping in bed with toy

Discover our children's sleep medicine experts

Our children’s sleep specialists work in multidisciplinary teams to provide access to the full breadth of clinical services ensuring high quality expertise and specialist care.