Led by our team of highly experienced private midwives, our online antenatal classes are a fantastic way for expectant parents to prepare for pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

The course is tailored to you and your plans. Whether you’re a couple, single parent or using a surrogate we provide an unbiased environment for any expectant parents to come and ask your questions.

Online antenatal classes

Consisting of four online sessions everyone is welcome to attend our classes.

Whether this is your first baby or you are wanting a refresher before you welcome your second child.

Classes are interactive and designed to provide you with confidence and practical support for birth and life with a new baby.

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Maternity pricing update

Our price lists will be updated from June 2024. Existing signed treatment cards issued by the clinical team will be honoured for 90 days from issue date.

What to expect at our antenatal classes?

Both you and your support partner are welcome to attend, classes are intimate and personal with the maximum number of attendees at 10 couples.

We recommend attending classes from 30 weeks of your pregnancy. With direct access to expert midwives, our specialists are on hand to provide support and answer your questions throughout the course.

Labour and birth (part 1)

  • Learn how to recognise the start of labour.
  • Managing early or pre labour at home and when to come into the hospital.
  • What to expect during established normal labour and the birth of your baby.

Labour and birth (part 2)

  • Induction of labour and pain relief options for labour and birth at St Thomas’ Hospital.
  • Vaginal, assisted deliveries and caesarean sections, deciding the right choice for you and how your care will be managed.

Infant feeding

  • Learn about every aspect of breastfeeding in the early days of motherhood.
  • Simple physiology, as well as practical advice about expressing.
  • Open discussions about mix feeding and using formula.

Postnatal life with a new baby

  • What to expect from your new baby in the first few hours, days and weeks.
  • Information about your stay in hospital and your transition back home.
  • Support advice about bringing a baby home, making new decisions, and settling into parenthood.

Discover our team of maternity experts

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