Guy’s and St Thomas’ Specialist Care is part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust (“we” or “us”). Our private patient services are delivered at Evelina London Children’s, Guy’s, Harefield, Royal Bromptom and St Thomas’ hospitals, as well as Wimpole Street Consulting Rooms and Diagnostic Centre.

Our website is provided as a resource for patients, the public and healthcare professionals. It provides information about our hospitals, our staff and our services.  We aim for high standards of accessibility – read more on our accessibility page. Our position on various legal issues relating to our website, including cookies, are laid out below.

Privacy statement

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Our website is designed to provide information and education about health conditions to healthcare professionals, patients and the public.

We are unable to offer medical advice or professional services through this website – this can only be provided by our specialists. Patient may request a referral by their doctor or self-refer, if this option is available for their treatment.

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