Our maternity service at St Thomas’ Hospital is one of the largest in London, with 6,000 babies born each year. With our highly skilled team of specialists, we can support any pregnancy including the most complex.

St Thomas’ has also been ranked as one of the world’s best for obstetrics and gynaecology services by US Newsweek, the American weekly news magazine. Expectant parents can rest assured they are in safe hands with us.

Our consultant obstetricians lead your care supported by fetal medicine specialists offering pregnancy scanning and antenatal classes run by expert midwives. Baby assessments with our paediatric consultants are also available as part of our Well Baby Clinic.

Westminster Maternity Suite

Westminster Maternity Suite is the home of our private consultant-led maternity service at St Thomas’ Hospital. We support over 400 private births each year, with a dedicated team of midwives, obstetricians, neonatologists, physiotherapists and anaesthetists.

Our spacious, single-occupancy, en-suite rooms offer stunning views over the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey – a perfect setting for welcoming a newborn in privacy and comfort.

We support a range of hospital-based delivery options, including vaginal births, caesarean sections (C-sections) and assisted deliveries (where a baby needs some help getting out with the use of instruments, like a suction cup).

Expert care for high-risk pregnancies

We provide specialist care for high-risk pregnancies, where a mother and baby have a higher-than-normal chance of experiencing problems.

This includes care for expectant mothers who are older than 35 or are having twins or triplets. It also includes conditions such as preeclampsia (high blood pressure), gestational diabetes, heart problems and genetic conditions.

Our consultants in maternal-fetal medicine and high risk pregnancies work together to assess and treat both mother and baby during a complex pregnancy. In addition to coordinating care during pregnancy and delivery, they can determine if a baby has a genetic condition and how best to manage this.

Expectant mothers with heart problems also have access to our cardiology specialists at Royal Brompton Hospital, one of the world’s leading heart centres.

Working together, we can support a safer pregnancy.

Pregnant woman

Integrated maternity and children's care

With Evelina London Children’s Hospital located at St Thomas’, we can provide end-to-end care for mother and baby. We have some of the most advanced technologies available to diagnose conditions like congenital heart disease while still in the womb, and a multidisciplinary team of experts to treat even the most complex fetal and neonatal health problems.

Our Evelina London Neonatal Unit is one of the UK’s leading centres. It has 46 neonatal cots as well as intensive care and high dependency care facilities, providing 24-hour care for premature and sick babies. Our critical care unit has one of the best infant survival rates in the UK.

Our Neonatal Unit is also accredited with the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative at stage 3. This demonstrates our commitment to supporting close relationships between parents and their baby.

We have paediatric specialists that can provide care across all areas, including cardiac surgerycardiologyENT medicine, fetal medicine, gastrointestinal surgery, respiratory careplastic surgery and urology. We are well-prepared for any eventuality before and after birth.

Close up of mum holding hand of newborn baby

Well Baby Clinic

Our Well Baby Clinic provides parents with expert guidance and comprehensive care to support them through every step of life with a new baby.

With our multidisciplinary expertise, we can diagnose and treat a range of issues, including problems with feeding such as tongue-tie as well as cosmetic concerns like birthmarks and prominent ears.

As part of our service, we can perform baby health checks at birth, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Each clinic includes specialist support from our consultant paediatrician, consultant paediatric plastic surgeon, paediatric dietician and lactation consultant.

Baby getting a health check

Maternity package prices

We offer comprehensive maternity packages to support the full range of hospital-based delivery options, including vaginal births, caesarean sections (C-sections) and assisted deliveries.

Packages include our hospital charges and services inclusive of VAT. Consultant obstetrician, anaesthetist and neonatologist fees are not included.

Please note that the cost of treatment covers items listed in the package and that additional items will be charged extra.

ServicesVaginal deliveryCaesarean section
Midwife assessment, booking and follow-up appointments
Routine pre-admission blood tests
Routine pre-section screeningN/A
Routine medication and dressings
Consultant-led hospital delivery
Individual one to one midwifery care and support during labour
Theatre fees
Medication fees for anaesthesia and epidural analgesia
Anaesthetics interventionCirca £1,600Circa £1,100
Instrumental delivery (if you require ventouse or forceps delivery)N/A
Midwifery care throughout delivery and postnatal stay
Infant feeding support
Baby care throughout your stay
Initial physiotherapy session (30 minutes)
Private postnatal accommodationOne nightTwo nights
Partner accommodation in-room
*Refunds are not available for unused accommodation
Celebratory afternoon tea
Access to the Maternity Notes Portal
Consultant feesBilled separately by consultant and anaesthetists
ScansView our full list of scans here
Newborn baby check£300
Baby hearing checks£75, unless NHS eligible
Extra night stay (past midnight)£1050
Extended physiotherapy session£54 per 10 minutes
Package prices exclude consultant, anaesthetist or neonatologist fees

Maternity procedure prices

We offer a range of maternity services that can be purchased separately from treatment packages if required.

Delayed discharge£100 per hour
Antenatal classesView our antenatal classes here
Antenatal/ postnatal ward attendance up to 1 hour£100
Antenatal/ postnatal ward attendance up to 3 hours£300
Antenatal/ postnatal ward attendance over 3 hours (day case)£800
Antenatal/ postnatal attendance overnight£1,050 per night
Postnatal physiotherapy (including postnatal check and pelvic floor assessment)£150 per 30 minutes

Maternity prices and packages FAQs

We aim to make our prices as transparent as possible for our patients. Our prices are reviewed regularly and are subject to change.

Prices already quoted are valid for 90 days.

Once your package starts you will have direct access to the team of midwives who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support you in your pregnancy.

You will be charged for the admission on the day/night you arrive. Antenatal ward attendance is charged at £1,050 per night until the point of delivery.

Pre-admission investigations included in the maternity package as one-off tests are:

  • full blood count
  • group and save
  • HIV
  • syphilis
  • hepatitis B
  • electrophoresis
  • MRSA

Your consultant will advise if additional blood tests or investigations are required as part of your personalised care.

Full payment is required by the time you reach 24 weeks gestation.

For patients using private medical insurance, please be advised that we can only accept UK based insurance policies that include all hospital fees. Any services not included in your policy will need to be self-funded.

We accept payment via all major UK credit and debit cards. We are unable to accept payment by cash, cheque or by Diners Card.

Card payments can be made using our online payment portal. Please quote your reference number and name when making payment.

In the event of cancellation, a non-refundable £150 administrative fee is charged. If you cancel your booking following any antenatal investigations or midwife appointments but do not proceed with delivery at the hospital, the cancellation fee is £800.

Any additional tests or services not included in your package are separately charged on the day of receiving.

Our maternity packages do not include consultant, anaesthetist or neonatologist fees. These fees are separate from hospital fees and are priced and invoiced independently.

Your consultant will be able to provide further information about fees that may apply.

If you are having your baby with the NHS at St Thomas’ Hospital, you can opt to stay in a dedicated private room at the Westminster Maternity Suite after delivering your baby.

This option is not covered by medical insurance and is self-pay only. The price per night stay is £1,050.

Private room availability is dependent on total bed occupancy at the time of your delivery.  Please contact us to discuss further.

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