Our Well Baby Clinic at Evelina London Children’s Hospital provides you with expert guidance and comprehensive care to support you every step of the way as you navigate life with a new baby.

With baby health checks at key milestones, our multidisciplinary team of paediatric specialists work together drawing expertise from several different areas of children’s care.

Each clinic includes a medical review by paediatric consultants from three specialist areas:

  • dietetics and lactation
  • general medicine
  • plastic surgery

A holistic approach to care

As you start parenthood with a newborn baby, it’s normal to have questions and concerns about everything from sleeping and routines to feeding and milestones.

Our Well Baby Clinic provides you with expert guidance and comprehensive care to support you every step of the way.

We are dedicated to supporting you in promoting your child’s health and wellness, encouraging an open dialogue for any queries or concerns you may have regarding your child’s health, development, and overall well-being.

Baby getting a health check

Baby health checks

We provide health checks at every key milestone of a baby’s development from birth until they turn 1.

Leaving hospital with your baby can be a daunting experience. Our newborn clinic provides the opportunity for your baby to have a comprehensive review by our paediatric experts and enables you to ask questions and discuss any concerns after being discharged from hospital.

This clinic offers a 1 hour consultation including top-to-toe physical examination and assessment of feeding, growth and problems such as tongue ties.

Our aim is to ensure your baby is healthy and to identify and address any possible feeding, medical or surgical concerns early, before they can impact adversely on growth or development. This consultation can also simply give you reassurance after a thorough assessment of your baby’s health.

This clinic enables us to monitor the growth and development of your baby with early identification and management of any concerns.

After being discharged by your midwife, life with a small baby can feel overwhelming. Some conditions may not present until the first few months of life and can remain undiagnosed for some time. These include reflux, cow’s milk protein allergy and tongue ties which can adversely impact on feeding and growth.

This appointment provides a full assessment of your baby’s intake and enables us to track their growth and development.

Our holistic review aims to address your concerns and to provide guidance and reassurance about your baby’s health. You will also receive a free webinar on basic life support and choking to give you the confidence to know what to do in an emergency.

Knowing how and when to introduce food into your baby’s diet can be a daunting task and every baby is unique. This clinic aims to guide you through the weaning process and monitors your baby’s growth including thorough examination and assessment of their developmental milestones.

We offer a comprehensive overview of various weaning approaches, ranging from traditional methods to baby-led weaning and hybrid models. Our aim is to develop a weaning strategy that is personalised for you and your baby. We provide guidance on the timing for introducing specific allergens, which are supported by the latest scientific research and evidence.

We want your child to thrive and to support you throughout this rapidly changing first year of your baby’s life. Our 1 year baby check offers a comprehensive assessment of your child’s growth, feeding and developmental milestones.

All children develop at their own pace but knowing what to expect at each stage can give you reassurance and ease any concerns you have. The 1 year baby clinic appointment will allow also us to pick up concerns with hearing which can impact your baby’s speech progression.


Our Well Baby Clinics are held monthly and take place at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, where you’ll have access to world-leading consultants who provide clinical services to treat common childhood conditions, as well as providing complex care.

In every clinic you will be seen by our team of children’s experts. Together, they will provide a detailed medical review and physical examination, and can diagnose and treat common paediatric problems. They can also refer to other specialties if needed.

The cost of each clinic is £675 per 1 hour consultation with our 3 consultants. This includes a comprehensive medical review by our consultant paediatrician, feeding specialist (dietitian/lactation consultant) and paediatric plastics surgical consultant, all in the same consultation.

Please note, if additional medication, investigations, blood tests, diagnostics or surgical procedures are required, these will incur separate costs. Our team will be happy to provide costs for tests.