Westminster Maternity Suite at St Thomas’ Hospital is home to our expert consultant obstetricians who are dedicated to delivering gold-standard private care to expectant parents. Our consultant obstetrician, Dr Manju Chandiramani, shares how we support both mum and baby at our world-leading hospitals 

Holistic care for the entire pregnancy journey 

Expectant parents at the Westminster Maternity Suite benefit from a wide range of services, covering the entire pregnancy journey. We’re proud that our obstetrics and gynaecology service at St Thomas’ Hospital and children’s services at Evelina London Children’s Hospital have been ranked as some of the world’s best by US Newsweek, the American weekly news magazine.  

“From pregnancy scans, blood tests and screening, to antenatal classes in the lead-up to birth, our specialists offer comprehensive care throughout pregnancy, as well as a range of birth options to suit all patients,” says Dr Chandiramani. 

We can facilitate vaginal deliveries as well as C-sections, and the co-location of St Thomas’ Hospital with Evelina London Children’s Hospital allows our specialists to work closely with colleagues dedicated to neonatal care, in the event that this expertise is required. We are well-placed to offer services for premature and unwell babies, including NICU and emergency care, as well as obstetric ICU and HDU facilities should the mother require it.

Fetal cardiology expertise 

Evelina London is home to one of the largest fetal cardiology units in Europe. Our specialists have an international reputation in diagnosing and managing heart problems in babies before birth, ensuring that our patients’ babies receive the right treatment as early as possible. Each year, we evaluate over 6,000 pregnancies, assess 2,000 high-risk pregnancies, and diagnose over 300 babies with cardiac conditions before birth. 

Our fetal cardiology experts can offer a world-first 3D fetal cardiac MRI scan, as well as fetal heart scans from as early as 12 weeks’ gestation. “When required, our colleagues can also perform children’s cardiac surgery and other specialist treatments, with patients benefitting from the co-location of St Thomas’ and Evelina London on the same site,” explains Dr Chandiramani.

Revolutionary technology produces three-dimensional fetal cardiac images of the heart before birth

A 3D MRI scan of a fetal heart

Consultant-led care for high-risk pregnancies 

We offer comprehensive coverage across all consultant specialties, allowing patients to choose their own consultant based on their expertise, gender and personality. This element of patient choice is similar to European, Asian and US healthcare models, promoting a personalised experience with consultant-led care.  

Our consultants can support any pregnancy including those that are high-risk. This includes care for expectant mothers having twins or triplets, in addition to those who develop conditions such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, autoimmune conditions, brain anomalies and sickle cell disease. 

We also specialise in fetal medicine, placental abnormalities, and perinatal mental health. “With expertise in such a wide variety of offerings, our team provides quality and personalised care to expectant parents from all walks of life,” says Dr Chandiramani.

Tailored options for pain relief 

At Westminster Maternity Suite, anaesthetic services for obstetric care are provided by specialised consultants specific to obstetric anaesthesia. “We understand that anaesthetic support is an integral part of the delivery experience, whether patients have a natural delivery, or a planned or emergency C-section,” explains Dr Nhathien Nguyen-Lu, consultant anaesthetist.  

Our obstetricians and anaesthetists work together closely to provide a safe and comfortable journey in labour and delivery, offering pain relief options including gas and air, opioid injections, epidurals, and patient-controlled intravenous analgesia. 

Understanding that each patients’ wants and needs in this area can vary significantly, we pride ourselves on tailoring our care to deliver a truly personalised experience to each patient. This includes providing advice and consultations on all aspects of pain management during labour or C-section delivery, at any stage of pregnancy.

Comprehensive postpartum care 

Additionally, we offer complete postpartum care, including infant feeding support and physiotherapy, helping patients to prepare for life at home with a new baby and monitoring the health of their newborns. Our Neonatal Unit is also accredited with the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative at stage 3. This demonstrates our commitment to supporting close relationships between parents and their baby. 

“Giving patients this additional support actually minimises their chance of readmission further down the line as well as ensuring babies are as healthy as they can be in their first year of life,” explains Dr Chandiramani. 

Well Baby Clinic for continued support 

Our Well Baby Clinic at Evelina London provides new parents with expert guidance and comprehensive care as they navigate life with a new baby. Led by paediatric specialists with expertise in dietetics and lactation, general medicine and plastic surgery, we offer baby health checks at key milestones, and encourage an open dialogue for any queries or concerns parents have. 

We’re proud of the collaboration between our maternity specialists at St Thomas’ Hospital and our paediatric experts at Evelina London, allowing us to offer quality care and support to our patients and their families beyond the birth experience alone. 

“Our paediatricians perform newborn checks, as well as offering appointments at 3, 6 and 12 months to provide detailed medical reviews and physical examinations,” says Dr Chandiramani. “This holistic approach to care gives parents peace of mind and expert guidance in their first year of parenthood.” 

A key benefit of private maternity care is that mothers are encouraged to recover without feeling they are being sent home prematurely, ensuring they leave only when they are comfortable and confident to do so. Our service prioritises patient comfort with private ensuite rooms promoting a quiet and calm environment. Partners are also able to stay over, and we offer an extensive menu with a range of catering options to provide holistic care. 

When to refer to us 

Many of our patients in the Westminster Maternity Suite refer themselves, which can take place as soon as a first pregnancy test, or as late as 36 weeks’ gestation. However, healthcare professionals can also refer patients who are seeking a personalised maternity experience, as well as those who are high risk or require additional support in their pregnancies.

Get in touch 

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