We can check your lung health to diagnose and manage conditions promptly

A lung health check can give you the reassurance you need to live an active life. Our lung health assessment service offers a range of diagnostic tests that help us examine your lung health and check for underlying respiratory conditions at the earliest stages.

Our lung health assessment service is available at Harefield Hospital and is accessible to patients with a range of symptoms, including breathlessness, cough, chest pain, and wheezing. Our respiratory experts examine aspects of your lifestyle and clinical history so they can identify and diagnose any underlying risks affecting your lung health, ensuring you receive a personalised care plan so that your lungs stay as healthy as possible.

Understanding your lung health

The symptoms of many lung diseases can overlap with those of other conditions such as hay fever, heart conditions, and gastrointestinal issues.

Almost 600,000 respiratory disease diagnoses are made each year in the UK, and around 50% of these relate to asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a condition that affects airflow to the lungs.

Dr Sundeep Kaul, consultant in intensive care and respiratory medicine, explains, “the five main symptoms of a lung condition are breathlessness, cough, wheeze, chest pain, and infection. As these symptoms can be indicative of other conditions, we always consider our patients’ full clinical history.”

Our specialist screening techniques allow our experts to diagnose and monitor lung conditions – even at an early stage before symptoms develop. We will recommend treatment and any further tests that may be needed.

Who can benefit from our lung health assessment service?

There are several signs which indicate that you would benefit from a lung health assessment. If you experience any of the following symptoms, having your lung health checked could help diagnose the cause of any issues you are living with, such as:

  • breathlessness
  • cough
  • chest pain
  • wheeze
  • unexplained infections
  • night sweats
  • weight loss
  • excessive daytime sleepiness
  • snoring
  • generally feeling unwell

We can also see patients who have previously been diagnosed with conditions including COPD, asthma, heart disease, and long COVID.

What does the lung health assessment package include?

Our expert team will perform some initial tests to establish a diagnosis and form a personalised care plan for each patient. These tests include:

  • blood tests
  • heart rate and blood pressure checks
  • spirometry – measures how much air you can inhale and exhale
  • electrocardiogram (ECG) – monitors your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity

Based on the outcome of the lung health assessment, you may be recommended to have further tests to determine what further care is required.

How much does a lung health assessment cost?

The cost of the lung health assessment package is £750.

Meet our dedicated team of respiratory specialists

Meet our team of respiratory specialists. Whether it’s maintaining lung health or implementing innovative interventions, our experts are here to offer personalised care tailored just for you.