Clinical expertise

Mr Nicos Kessaris is a consultant transplant surgeon and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College, specialising in renal medicine.

He performs treatments including:

  • kidney transplantation
  • live donor nephrectomy
  • pancreas transplantation
  • paediatric kidney transplantation
  • vascular access surgery for adults and children
  • peritoneal dialysis access for adults and children
  • general surgery for the renal patient
  • parathyroidectomy for the renal patient
  • ABO and HLA incompatible transplantation


Mr Nicos Kessaris is a consultant transplant surgeon and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College. He has been part of the organising committee of an annual Paediatric Transplant Symposium in London since 2015. He has also been teaching on the Live Donor Nephrectomy (LiDo) course in Rotterdam since 2016. He has been a UEMS examiner for Transplant Surgery since 2014. In 2018, along with two other colleagues, Nicos started the paediatric transplant programme in Serbia as part of a charitable initiative to increase paediatric transplantation.

In 2017, Nicos became a member of the EKITA board for 2 years. During this time, he was a member of the Scientific Committee for the 2019 European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) meeting in Denmark. Currently, he is participating and co-creating an e-learning platform on Paediatric Transplantation at ESOT Transplant Live. In 2019, Nicos became an ESOT Councillor.


Mr Kessaris undertook his training in general surgery and transplantation in London and worked at St George’s Renal Transplant Unit as a consultant between 2007 and 2012. He became the director of transplantation for the last 2 years and has successfully established the ABO and HLA incompatible transplant programs. He has been a consultant at Guy’s and Evelina London Children’s hospitals, as well as an Honorary Consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital since April 2012.


Mr Nicos Kessaris is the surgical lead in paediatric kidney transplantation. He has research interests in robotic surgery and transplant outcomes, including quality of life, surgical safety and checklists.