Clinical expertise

Professor Nick Cheshire is an expert in areas such as:

  • the role of technology in complex aortic disease
  • stent design and manufacture
  • robotics
  • virtual reality
  • genomics

In 2010, Professor Cheshire led a city-wide review of vascular surgical services in London; the recommendations were adopted as the model for service delivery across the UK.

At the Royal College of Surgeons, he led a team in developing a national vascular skills training package, which has now been used in the UK for over 15 years.


Professor Nick Cheshire is head of vascular surgery at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals, where he treats both NHS and private patients.

He is also a professor of vascular surgery at Imperial College London.

Research interests

Professor Nick Cheshire has researched robotically-controlled endovascular intervention, which has shown improved control and easy learning for inexperienced surgeons. He’s also researched combined fluoro-CT endovascular navigation.

Professor Cheshire has pioneered stent graft repair of thoracic and thoracoabdominal aneurysms in the UK, reducing peri-operative mortality by up to 50 per cent. With colleagues in bio-engineering at Imperial College London, the team have developed a novel helical stent and helical prosthetic arterial graft. These are less susceptible to kinking and fracture and with advantageous fluid mechanical properties. Following this research, a company now manufacture the helical graft and stent.

His research programmes have generated more than £12 million in funding and have won prizes in the UK, Europe and the USA.