Clinical expertise

Mr Luis Amaya specialises in paediatric ophthalmology including children’s cataracts and children’s ocular trauma.

He regularly treats patients with conditions such as:

  • strabismus in children
  • retinopathy of prematurity
  • cataracts in children
  • paediatric glaucoma
  • orbital eye diseases
  • refractive errors
  • allergic eye disease
  • keratoconus
  • eye diseases associated with systemic diseases
  • children’s ocular trauma
  • children’s ophthalmology in general

He performs treatments such as:

  • squint surgery (strabismus)
  • eyelid surgery
  • screening and management of retinopathy
  • correction of refractive errors
  • management of cataracts in children
  • corneal transplant in children


Mr Luis Amaya is a consultant ophthalmic surgeon and lead clinician for the Paediatric Ophthalmology Department at Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

After completing his ophthalmology training at Great Ormond Street Hospital, he undertook two fellowships where he sub-specialised in children’s ophthalmology and strabismus.

Mr Luis Amaya practiced in Colombia, South America for 10 years where he was the head of the Department of Ophthalmology at a teaching children’s hospital. He was appointed associate professor of two universities in Colombia.

Research interests

During his time practicing in South America Mr Luis Amaya developed the training program for paediatric ophthalmology in Bogotá, Colombia which included trainees from three university hospitals.

He is involved in training paediatric ophthalmologists and is the college tutor for trainees at St Thomas’ hospital.

He has also published and contributed to medical articles and journals, including chapters for David Taylor’s ‘Paediatric Ophthalmology’.

Additionally, he is involved with the International Council of Ophthalmology, a non profit worldwide organisation that aims to improve the standards of eye care and training throughout the world.