Clinical expertise

Dr John Stevenson specialises in:

  • metabolic disorders
  • coronary disease prevention
  • bone disease and calcium metabolism
  • general endocrinology
  • general internal medicine

Dr Stevenson runs heart risk clinics at Royal Brompton Hospital.


Dr John Stevenson is a consultant metabolic physician, based at Royal Brompton Hospital.

In 1972, Dr John Stevenson qualified in medicine at King’s College Hospital Medical School (now part of King’s College London), then completed his training in general medicine in London and Southampton.

Following that, he completed specialist training in endocrinology and metabolism at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School at Hammersmith Hospital (now part of Imperial College London). He went on to extend his research and expertise into the effects of sex hormone deficiency and replacement both on the skeleton and on the cardiovascular system.

In 1993, he jointly established the UK’s first female heart disease clinic at Royal Brompton Hospital.

Research interests

Dr John Stevenson’s research interests include:

  • metabolic diseases, such as:
    • metabolic syndrome
    • lipid disorders
  • female coronary heart disease
  • metabolic and endocrine aspects of coronary heart disease
  • interrelation of cardiovascular disease risk factors and their modification by therapeutic means
  • menopause
  • hormone replacement
  • osteoporosis prevention

He also works collaboratively with educational institutions on projects, such as:

  • Imperial College Healthcare – looking at the haemostatic effects of an ultra-low dose HRT
  • University of Malta Medical School – intervertebral disc height impact on vertebral fracture


Dr John Stevenson is a reader in metabolic medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London. He has spoken at or chaired many international conferences across the world.


Dr Stevenson has authored many books and papers on his specialisms, which have received acclaim from his peers in the community.

He works on several journals, including:

He is also on the international scientific committee of the Colombian Journal of Menopause.