Clinical expertise

Dr Christina Wei is a consultant in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes, who specialises in childhood endocrine (“hormone”) problems such as:

  • growth
  • puberty
  • thyroid
  • adrenal
  • salt and water balance
  • diabetes

She performs treatments such as:

  • disorders of growth (short stature, tall stature, growth hormone deficiency)
  • disorders of puberty (early or delayed puberty, menstrual problems in adolescent females)
  • thyroid disease (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism)
  • adrenal problems (addison, congenital adrenal hyperplasia and secondary cortisol deficiency)
  • diabetes insipidus
  • multiple hormone deficiencies
  • diabetes mellitus (type 1,2, monogenic)
  • endocrine problems associated with genetic disorders (e.g. turner syndrome, klinefelter syndrome, noonan syndrome, prader-willi syndrome)
  • screening of endocrine complications related to genetically inherited forms of neuroendocrine tumours

She performs tests and investigations such as:

  • growth hormone stimulation tests
  • LHRH test
  • short synacthen test
  • oral glucose tolerance test
  • water deprivation test
  • fast provocation test


Dr Christina Wei received her primary medical qualifications from the University of Birmingham in 2000, before undergoing paediatric training in the South West of England and Wales between 2001 and 2006.

She received her RCPCH grid training in paediatric endocrinology from the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children between 2007 and 2010 and completed her doctoral research and doctor of medicine at the University of Bristol between 2011 and 2014.

She joined the paediatric endocrine and diabetes team at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital in January 2021, having previously worked as a consultant paediatric endocrinologist and honorary senior lecturer at St George’s University Hospital.

She leads the paediatric neuroendocrine screening clinics, working closely with the adult endocrine team at the young adult endocrine clinic and offers outreach clinics to district hospitals outside London.

She is also a qualified medical educator with the certificate of medical education, and is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.


In terms of clinical research, Christina has a particular interest in the endocrine late effects of childhood cancer survivors. Her doctoral thesis was on the mechanism of impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes in childhood cancer survivors treated with bone marrow transplantation. She has numerous publications in this area and has been a representative of international guideline groups in this area.


In addition, she has also had numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals on the subjects of diabetes, obesity and puberty.