GP training and support

Our primary care managers are here to support GPs in the UK. From providing in-depth information about our consultants and diagnostic tests, to helping establish direct GP referrals to all of our centres, we are on-hand to provide tailored support.

To bridge the gap between primary and tertiary care, our team regularly host educational events delivered by our world-class experts that can contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development.


These educational events vary between large study days or evening events, as well as personalised one to one meetings with our specialists, for you and your team. Whether you prefer a webinar, or a lunch time lecture at your practice or Primary Care Network, our primary care managers will bring consultants from your field of interest to take part.


Our hospitals are some of the most innovative and respected teaching hospitals in the world, with a rich history of innovation, clinical excellence and high-quality care.



We are proud to be pioneers in health research and provide high quality teaching and education. Our consultants are leaders in their field, bringing world-leading expertise in a wide range of clinical services including specialist and complex care treatments.



Contact our primary care managers below to access specialist care for your private patients, as well as to keep up to date with the latest news and information from our hospitals.

Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire

“In my role as a primary care manager, I develop and support new referral pathways with the primary care community and establish an education plan for health care professionals.

I have partnered with the education team and work closely supporting them with expert talks from our consultants as well as courses that can be delivered to help promote training opportunities for primary and secondary care. I work alongside the marketing department to help promote our consultants as well as new and innovative treatments we provide.”

Southeast London

“As a primary care manager within the private patients team at Guys and St Thomas Specialist Care, I’m thrilled to be part of a team dedicated to reinvesting all profits back into the NHS, ensuring a sustainable future for healthcare.

Organising events is my passion, and I am constantly seeking innovative approaches to engage with primary care and foster robust relationships with both providers and consultants.

Collaboration is key, and we are always open to building partnerships to drive positive change within our Trust and beyond.”

West and Southwest London

“Being part of the primary care team, my focus is to increase the profitability for the trust by increasing private referral pathways.

I support with our esteemed consultants through the introduction of peer to peer meetings to all health care provides within SW London.

I enjoy working cross section and act as the interface between marketing, educational and operational team to continue to build strong partnerships and position the trust as first choice for all private patient referrals.”